Building a Powerful Sales Organization

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Sales can be a struggle for many business owners and their teams. But did you know that there are some systems you can put in place for building a powerful sales organization in your business? It’s true!

Are you a business owner or sales manager who wants to:

  • Increase the productivity of your sales team?
  • Provide more coaching and accountability with your sales staff?
  • Be more effective at hiring and on-boarding salespeople?
  • Then this Video Course is for you! In this course you’ll learn:

Video #1: Introduction to the Selling System (Building a Powerful Sales Organization)

  • The 2 hats business owners wear
  • Three keys to a scalable, strategic selling system
  • How to improve your personal and compnay selling effectiveness

Video #2: Three Keys to Sales Success

  • Defining the type of sells your company does
  • The 3 keys to selling success and how to assess your selling skills
  • Cultivating the mindset for sales success

Video #3: The Mindset/Attitude that Leads to Sales Success

  • How to Build and Maintain a Strong Self-Image
  • How to Improve Your Effectiveness in a Sales Role
  • Understanding the Difference Between Winners and “At-Leasters”

Video #4: The Behaviors that Lead to Sales Success

  • How to Set Meaningful Sales Goals
  • Developing the Habits that Lead to Sales Success
  • Creating an Activity Calendar that Leads to Greater Sales Effectiveness

Video #5: The Techniques that Lead to Sales Success

  • Discover the 3 Techniques that Help You Connect with a Prospect
  • Discover the 3 Techniques Used to Qualify a Prospect
  • Discover the 3 Techniques that Make Closing Easier

Video #6: The 3 Components of a Selling System

  • How to Build and Document a Sales Process
  • How to Train a Sales Team
  • Creating a Sales Compensation Plan
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