Powerful Marketing Strategy

Creating a Powerful Marketing Strategy

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Learn how to grow your revenue by creating a marketing engine for your business.

Many businesses see their revenue go up and down unpredictably over time. They ride a rollercoaster of not having enough business, which leads them to start marketing, which leads to more business, which gives them less time to do marketing, which leads back to not having enough business! And it happens over and over again!

A key to growing your revenue is to have a marketing plan that helps you have a predictable stream of leads. We like to call this a “marketing engine.” With a marketing engine, it’s always running, and when you need to turn it up, you just pump the gas. When you need to dial it back, you hit the breaks.

Video #1: The Marketing Mindset

  • How marketing and sales work together
  • How to understand and connect with the needs and wants of your prospects
  • How small businesses gather marketing intelligence
  • Marketing is about education & evidence
  • Mindset Shift: I am in the marketing business!

Video #2: Communicating Your Message

  • How to generate demand for your product or service
  • How to differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • How to convey an engaging value proposition
  • The 3 ways we communicate our message
  • Tapping into the 3 underlying human motivations

Video #3: Building Your Brand

  • How to create a brand that appeals to your ideal customers
  • Understanding what your brand does for you
  • Examples of a brand promise
  • The 2 ways companies build their brand
  • Four ways to leverage social proof

Video #4: Creating Opportunities

  • How to generate more high-quality leads
  • How to market without wasting money
  • The 5 major channels (buckets) for marketing your business
  • Discover 125 affordable marketing tactics
  • How to become the “go-to” person (thought leader) in your industry

Video #5: Creating an Effective Marketing Plan

  • 5 ways to increase your revenue
  • The 3 questions you need to be asking current customers
  • The 5 components of an effective marketing plan
  • How to track and measure your marketing effectiveness using a dashboard
  • How to create and execute a powerful marketing plan

Every video includes a listening guide. Also included are helpful templates, checklists, and more!

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