How to Create a Great Business Blog

Chris Garret, author of a popular book for bloggers called Pro Blogger, recently shared some great tips for beginning bloggers in an interview with Social Media Examiner. Here are his tips for creating a great business blog.

What tips do you have for a first-time blogger?

Before you begin, ask yourself two questions: “Why am I blogging?” and “For whom am I blogging?” Pin down your audience, because they will drive your content. For example, if you want to attract business owners but write technical content about your subject, you’ll attract peers in your industry but not new business. Once you’ve pinned down your purpose and audience, then narrow your target. For example, are you writing to people who are experts or beginners in their field?

How does a blogger resonate with his or her audience?

There are many fads, such as top ten lists. Top ten lists are popular right now for your audience because they are easy to skim. But one thing that is never out of fashion is story-telling. We’ve been telling stories for years because they get your point across while entertaining. For example, a photographer might tell a story of a shoot gone terribly wrong. He can capture his emotions and tell about lessons learned.

What if a blogger is not a writer?

Bloggers can partner with people who are good at writing. Consider swapping services, or hire an editor to edit your content. The main thing is to provide the information that your reader wants – you can always get someone to polish your content.

What is the biggest mistake that you see bloggers make?

People don’t stick with blogging. Some people blog for six months, don’t see results, and then give up. You can’t expect success right away; stick with it.

How should a blogger deal with criticism?

Realize criticism is going to happen, and it’s more about them than about you. You’ll get some crazy people who feel emboldened online because it’s an anonymous way to communicate. Ask yourself if there is any merit to the comment. If not, then stay calm and delete the comment if it’s just an attack. But realize that you need to grow a thick skin. You’re putting yourself out there, and some people won’t like that.

How Can I Create a Great Business Blog?

As a business coach for executives and business owners in Katy, Sugar Land, Pearland, and the Houston area, I provide guidance, assessments, and recommendations related to business blogging. Contact us today to get started on your own blog or to take your existing blog to the next level.

Glenn Smith is a sought-after Executive Coach with over two decades of experience. Recognized for his strategic insights and leadership training, Glenn has been a guiding force for more than a hundred successful small to mid-sized businesses. Merging data-driven strategies with profound insights into human behavior, he aids business owners and executives in realizing their fullest potential. A respected thought leader, Glenn has contributed to numerous business publications and is a popular keynote speaker. Outside his professional realm, Glenn cherishes family time and outdoor activities. He is a pilot with over 30 years of flight experience. He is also a professionally trained gunsmith and a firearms instructor. His dedication to fostering leadership and driving transformative change marks him as a premier figure in executive coaching.


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