Digital Marketing Consultant

Do You Need a Digital Marketing Consultant?


Digital Marketing Consultant


Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does your website generate the amount of new business that you think it should?
  2. Do you feel like your social media efforts are effective?
  3. Are you getting what you’re paying for with SEO/SEM?
  4. Are your various online marketing activities creating synergy and momentum?
  5. Are you getting a good R.O.I. with your marketing spend?

Every small business can and should have an effective digital marketing strategy. Unfortunately, most business owners do not have the knowledge or time to figure out how to make this work. They rely on various vendors such as web developers, social media marketers, and SEO providers to “work their magic.”


However, in the end the owner is dissatisfied with the results, but doesn’t have the time to learn the “digital” space in order to understand and correct the problem. In the end they often find themselves at the mercy of vendors who promise more than they deliver. Communication and accountability break down.

By using a Digital Marketing Consultant, you can quickly leverage the knowledge and experience of a professional who is there for only one reason, and that is to represent, educate, and protect the owner.

As Digital Marketing Consultants, we do not build websites (though we could), we do not manage social media (though we could), and we do not perform search engine optimization (though we could). We help you, the owner or marketing manager, attain the best results from your investment and your vendors. We will guide, inform, and communicate with everyone involved. We will train your staff and we will even negotiate on your behalf with vendors if so desired.

We truly are the owner’s rep and we train your staff!

We will protect you from unscrupulous vendors and unnecessary expenses. We will help you make the right strategic decisions – those that are right for you and your business. Here’s what we do as your personal consultant and representative:


[iconitem title=”We will meet with you monthly to track and measure the performance of your digital marketing efforts.” icon=”icon-ok”][/iconitem]

[iconitem title=”We will train you and your staff as we evaluate and improve outcomes.” icon=”icon-ok”][/iconitem]

[iconitem title=”We provide monthly coaching and guidance to owners, marketing managers, office staff, website contractors, SEO contractors, social media contractors, and anyone who plays a role in your company’s digital marketing strategy.” icon=”icon-ok”][/iconitem]

[iconitem title=”We educate our clients on best practices, current technologies, and the most effective methodologies for driving more business from the web. We stay abreast of the most recent changes in digital marketing so we can educate and coach our clients, as well as their vendors.” icon=”icon-ok”][/iconitem]


We are experts at managing relationships and achieving desired outcomes!

This is a month-to-month service. No contracts and no ongoing obligations. Each month we will help you see and understand what your digital marketing dollars are doing for you. We will also help you build synergy between your offline marketing and your online marketing.

What do you receive?


[iconitem title=”Peace of mind” icon=”icon-star”][/iconitem]

[iconitem title=”A better understanding of digital marketing” icon=”icon-star”][/iconitem]

[iconitem title=”A plan to continually improve the performance of your digital marketing efforts” icon=”icon-star”][/iconitem]

[iconitem title=”Knowledge for you and your staff” icon=”icon-star”][/iconitem]

[iconitem title=”Confidence that you are receiving the best R.O.I.” icon=”icon-star”][/iconitem]


If you’re a business owner, this will be an invaluable investment in yourself and your marketing staff.

Our consulting services are affordable for the small business and will quickly prove to be the best investment you can make in digital marketing. Fees for this service typically range from $500-$1,000 per month based upon the scope of work.

With a comprehensive strategy you can drive more customers to your business via the web!

See this Digital Marketing Strategy Overview to see how it all works together.

Our lead coach, Glenn Smith, has been coaching business leaders for more than 25 years. He has been a thought-leader in the digital marketing space for nearly a decade. Glenn is a Google Trusted Agent and regularly presents seminars on Google products and digital marketing.

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