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Goal Setting and the Executive Coaching Process

Executive coaching is about helping you reach your potential. It starts with goal setting; gaining clarity around what one truly wants in life and setting goals to achieve that dream. However, goal setting alone does not achieve results. The executive coaching process is a methodology to help you attain the results you want.

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Overview of the Coaching Process

The executive coaching process is built on three components: goals, mindset, and behaviors. It begins by helping the leader (or any individual) gain clarity and focus around what they truly want. For the business owner that may be a business that is not completely dependent upon them. Or it may be profitability, growth, scalability, or sellability.

For the executive, it may be the strategic focus, organizational alignment, or a highly motivated and productive team. For any leader, it may be greater personal mastery, stronger communication skills, or increased confidence and skill at leading change. Improving one's interpersonal relationships and organizational leadership is almost always a key part of the goal.

A skillful coach can be invaluable for the executive with regards to gaining clarity around their goals. When a leader gains that clarity and focus, they have begun the journey.

The next two components work hand in hand. Goals are achieved when individuals take the appropriate actions. These actions, or behaviors, produce predictable outcomes. Brian Tracy has said, “Successful people simply practice successful habits.” When the right behaviors become habits they produce success. However, almost everyone struggles with taking the right actions consistently. The reason? It starts in our minds, what I refer to as mindset.

Every action or behavior begins in our minds. Unfortunately, we are often unconscious of the beliefs and thoughts that govern our behaviors. We find ourselves wanting to do certain things and develop certain habits but are unable to do so.

You may need help in identifying the right behaviors or success habits to create, or you may need help in identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs and mindsets that undermine your success. A skillful coach will help you with both. He can help you develop the right mindset, and engage in the right activities that will produce the results you want.

So: Goals + Mindset + Activities = Results. This is the coaching process.

How We Deliver Our Coaching Process

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We offer one-on-one coaching to individuals.

You may be a business owner, and executive, a sales professional, or any other organizational leader. Our coach will meet with you either weekly, twice a month, or once a month to help you with focus, productivity, leverage, leadership, etc. These one-on-one sessions provide personalized instruction and insight. We brainstorm new ideas and explore best practices. You leave with powerful assignments and accountability to help you achieve the things you want to achieve.

We offer coaching services in small groups.

These groups are made up of business owners and executives from different industries. They typically meet for a half-day once a month. They have a structured focus around topics such as marketing, sales, leadership, personal development, people management, strategic planning, customer service, cash flow, and profitability. Every month there is new learning, group synergy, and accountability. Many of our clients thoroughly enjoy the comradery and support of this group coaching experience. Plus it is typically the most economical approach to professional coaching.

We offer corporate or company coaching.

This approach combines individual leadership coaching with team engagement and development. The focus of this coaching is typically on leadership development, team building, strategic planning, sales improvement, or succession planning. We will come into your company and work with you and your team to help you take your organization to a new level.

The executive coaching process will take you from goal setting to exceptional performance. We will help you achieve things you and your organization have never achieved before.


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