Sales Success Obstacle #3: Focusing on Yourself Rather Than Your Prospective Customer

Our countdown of the top obstacles to success in sales has already included four obstacles. Today’s post will focus on the third obstacle in sales success:

Focusing on Yourself Rather Than Your Prospective Customer

It’s Not About You

It is very important that you focus on the other person in the selling conversation. Your attention and your energy must be directed to understanding them and serving them. You must be tuned in to them before and during the contact. Remind yourself, “This contact is not about me. It is about the prospective customer, about their wants and needs.”

Givers always get in the long run. If you focus on what benefit this sale brings you, than you’re focusing on the wrong thing. Many salespeople get a bad rap because they are only looking to close the sale. They want that commission, they want the bonus, they want the monetary rewards from selling.

You should be rewarding for selling whatever product or service you sell…but remember, this is about serving the prospect. What if this isn’t the best fit for them? What if your product won’t benefit them? What if your service is actually harmful to them, will cost them more, won’t bring them the value you think? Will you still sell to them, dishonestly? Remember, trust is being built and your credibility is on the line.

Seek Understanding

There is a Hebrew Proverb that says, “The purposes of a man’s heart are deep waters, but a man of understanding draws them out.” If possible, I want to understand my prospect better than he understands himself. I do not want to be preoccupied with my fear, my discomfort, or my ideas. I don’t want to be preoccupied with my desire to close the sale, to get commission, or to reap the rewards. I want to be totally present for my prospect in that moment of contact.

Bottom line: Learn to keep your internal focus completely on them!

Our Countdown So Far

Now that we’ve learned about obstacle #3, let’s review our countdown so far:

Obstacle #7 was “Failing to Continuously Improve.” We learned that successful sales professionals are always learning and improving their skills and their mindset. We also discussed that learning and improving both require attention and intentional development.

Obstacle #6 was “Inability to Close the Sale.” We discussed the importance of a good selling conversation, which takes into account your buyers’ emotions and buying signals and your closing question.

Obstacle #5 was “Not Keeping Your Promises.” We learned that your clients’ perception of your reliability affects your ability to make sales.

Obstacle #4 was “Failure to Listen During the Selling Conversation.” We learned that one of your most important tools is quality questions. When you ask quality questions then listen and observe to your prospects’ response, you have an edge in sales.

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