What is a Fractional Integrator?

What is a Fractional Integrator for EOS® Companies? The term “Integrator” is fundamental in the EOS® model. Instead of president, general manager, or COO, we use the term Integrator. Why? It cuts through the titles and gets to the true role and function needed to scale your business. This role is critical to successfully run your company on EOS®! In the book Rocket Fuel, authors Gino Wickman and Mark Winters state, “An Integrator is a person who has the Unique Ability® to harmoniously integrate the major functions of the business.” Those major functions are typically marketing, sales, operations, and finance. These core functions are essential for every business.

Wickman and Winters go on to state, “The Integrator is the glue that holds the people, processes, systems, priorities, and strategy of the company together.” The Integrator is obsessed with clarity and is strong on execution.

They make the vision happen by ensuring that roles and responsibilities are clear, and they provide the structure and accountability needed to turn the vision into reality. You may ask, “Isn’t that the owner’s job in a small to mid-sized business?” In the early stages of a business the owner is typically the one who does this.

But most owners are Visionaries who want to spend their energies thinking about the future and how their company can grow. They do not enjoy the individual management, coaching, and accountability needed to scale up. Because this is neither their passion nor their strength, the company eventually hits a plateau and the owner experiences frustration. The EOS® model separates the role of Visionary and Integrator to free up the owner to drive innovation and growth, while the Integrator drives execution and accountability.

An Effective Integrator will:

· Bring clarity and strong internal communication to the company

· Lead the team to solve problems and remove obstacles

· Build unity and harmony throughout the organization

· Maximize the talent and contribution of each team member

· Provide a steady force, cadence, and consistency to achieve goals

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If your company is implementing (or has implemented) EOS®, you will quickly see the importance of the Integrator role. But the challenge is, who has the skill and experience to fill this role? Sometimes companies have talent in-house, ready to be deployed. This is a great scenario and I’ve seen it happen many times. Sometimes companies go outside and hire an experienced, full-time GM or COO type who understands EOS® and can drive it effectively. This scenario can work but it’s not practical if the company lacks the robust budget needed to fill this position, or if the company cannot find the right “fit” in the available job market. Also, the transition for an established management team to be led by an “outsider” can be tricky.

A Fractional Integrator is an experienced EOS® leader who thoroughly understands and is committed to the EOS® model. They have successfully stepped into this role in other companies and helped those management teams transition to the Integrator structure. They have the skills and talent needed to create clarity, harmony, and results. The Fractional Integrator is often a transitional role that enables the company to move to the next level.

Most business owners are familiar with the concept of a Fractional CFO. The Fractional Integrator is very similar.

Typically, the Fractional Integrator spends a half-day or full day each week in the business. They are usually available as needed the rest of the week but on a limited basis. Using powerful technology such as the Ninety.io EOS® software, it often feels like you have your own GM or COO onsite every day.Much more could be said, but if you have questions about this role or would like to explore the possibility of engaging a Fractional Integrator, please contact us. There’s no obligation. We would be happy to answer questions and provide you with good information to make an informed decision.

Finally, what makes me qualified to answer questions and serve in this role? I have more than a decade of experience in the GM/COO role and I was a featured case study in the book Leading From the Second Chair by Mike Bonem and Roger Patterson. In addition, for nearly 5 years I was a licensed EOS® Implementor and I have served numerous companies successfully in the Fractional Integrator role, which has really become my passion.

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What Is A Fractional Integrator for EOS Companies

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