Fractional Sales Manager for Business Owners and Leaders

Bring New Life & Vitality to Your Sales Team

Strengthen your sales team by providing them with a seasoned, professionally trained sales manager providing the highest level of internal training and management.

Inspire Your Team with The Best Coaching and Accountability to Position Them for Success

Strengthen your sales team by providing them with a seasoned, professionally trained sales manager at an affordable price. Give your team inspiration, coaching, and accountability from the best. A Fractional Sales Manager will offer you the highest level of internal training and management.

Does Your Company Need a Sales Manager?

Is Sales Talent Retention a Challenge for Your Company?

Do You Have Difficulty Recruiting and Onboarding New Salespeople?

Are You Looking for a Way to Bring New Life and Vitality to Your Sales Team?

An experienced, professionally trained sales manager can make the difference between mediocrity and high performance. Let a seasoned, professional sales manager help you carry the load. A Fractional Sales Manager will give you the management talent you need at a price you can afford.

Your Fractional Sales Manager helps your sales team overcome common barriers to success

  • Time and priority management
  • Effective prospecting strategies
  • Communicating their value proposition effectively
  • Having meaningful selling conversations
  • Goal setting and improving their metrics.
  • Personal mastery – confidence, presence, habits
  • A well-defined and repeatable sales process
  • Digital prospecting and marketing
  • Relationship management and CRM
  • Building a referral system
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Fractional Sales Manager Reports

As Your Fractional Sales Manager, we help your sales team:

  • Clarify their value proposition and define their competitive advantage.
  • Discover new tools and techniques for prospecting and generating referrals.
  • Organize themselves and better manage their time.
  • Improve their selling conversations.
  • Create and deliver a powerful pitch and presentation.
  • Answer objections and improve their closing percentage.

Evaluate Your Team

Many business owners tell us that their salespeople:

  • Are under performing, not reaching their potential
  • Lack the motivation and inspiration on most days to fully engage in the demanding work of prospecting and business development
  • Are disorganized and lack good time management
  • Need to hone their skills and techniques to achieve greater sales effectiveness.
  • Need weekly encouragement and accountability to stay energized
Fractional Sales Team Goals

As a business owner or senior manager, begin by having a performance review with each of your salespeople. Use our simple evaluation tool, Sales Performance Evaluation.


Building a Powerful Sales Organization

How to Run a Growing Business

Powerful Sales Organization

How We Help Our Clients Turn Their Sales Around

Most of our clients see a 20%-50% increase in sales during their first year of working with us. Many have seen their sales double and even triple in one year. Our clients come from all different industries, but they have one thing in common. They are engaged in direct sales!

Improving Sales Report

Our training begins by focusing on the basics. Then we provide ongoing coaching and reinforcement to build on the fundamentals. Topics covered include:

  • Building and Implementing an Effective Sales Process
  • Identifying the Buyer's Motivation
  • How to Ask Questions that Advance the Sale
  • How to Preempt Objections
  • How to Develop the Mindset and Habits of a High Producer
  • Prospecting Strategies that Produce Results
  • How to Avoid Buyer's Remorse
  • How to Build and Maintain a Robust Sales Funnel

Hiring and Onboarding New Sales Professionals

One of the areas that we specialize in is helping our clients identify, hire, and onboard new team members. Most companies experience 60% to 80% turnover every year. Thus, hiring and onboarding can be a significant challenge.

We collaborate with our clients to help them create an effective hiring and onboarding system so that they can improve their retention and increase productivity. We use a robust behavioral interview process and proven sales recruiting assessments to help you find the best candidates for your company.

Then we incorporate our training & coaching into your company's culture to create a seamless onboarding process that not only improves retention but also enables your new salespeople to become producers faster!

What You Can Expect from Your Fractional Sales Manager

A Robust Weekly Sales Team Meeting

We will prepare and facilitate an efficient weekly meeting focusing on KPIs, goal achievement, accountability, and problem-solving for greater effectiveness.

Weekly One-On-One Coaching

We will have weekly one-on-one coaching meetings to help each salesperson with their unique strengths and challenges.

Quarterly Sales Training and Goal Setting

Every quarter we will pull the team together (in-person or virtual) for some focused training and performance improvement strategies.

Ride Along's

We will periodically go out into the field or be on the calls with your salespeople when feasible.

Recruitment and Onboarding

We use a proven sales assessment and interview process to ensure we hire the right people, saving time and money in recruitment.

Fractional Sales Report

Partner with a Fractional Sales Manager for Better Rate of Success

Many companies are not prepared to absorb the cost of a full-time, experienced sales manager. One of the big mistakes companies make is to take their best salesperson and make them the manager.

Fractional Sales Team Presentation

They lose their best salesperson and hire an inexperienced, weak manager. How does a company find a successful, experienced sales manager who can build and lead a high-performing team?

This is where hiring us as your Fractional Sales Manager can change the game!

As a Fractional Sales Manager, we will be working in your company directly with your sales team for either a half-day a week or a full day a week. The size of the sales team typically determines this.

Of course, we are available throughout the week as needed, and we communicate weekly with the business owner or senior management. We can work in person in the Houston and DFW areas, or we can work virtually with a remote team or customize a hybrid arrangement.

Depending on the time required and the scope of work, the monthly investment will range from $4,000 to $8,000. There will also be minor costs for management software, recruiting, and quarterly training.

Fractional Sales Manager Presentation


Building a Powerful Sales Organization

How to Run a Growing Business

Powerful Sales Organization

What is a Fractional Sales Manager?

A Fractional Sales Manager is a highly skilled, experienced, part-time sales manager. Companies use a Fractional CFO or a Fractional Marketing Strategist.

Fractional Sales Manager Group Report

Now more companies are using a Fractional Sales Manager to help them improve the sales performance of their teams.

The Fractional Sales Manager works with the sales staff and communicates weekly with the business owner, keeping them abreast of performance metrics, issues being addressed, and coaching conversations. The Fractional Sales Manager is not an employee but an experienced professional whose objective is to help the owner build a solid and sustainable sales organization.

Why Does My Company Need a Fractional Sales Manager?

Most small to midsize companies do not have the resources to hire a seasoned, experienced sales manager. They need someone with "know-how" who can hire, onboard, coach, and provide the accountability required to create a high-performing sales team.

That's where a Fractional Sales Manager can help! 

Sometimes business owners use the Fractional Sales Manager temporarily or in the interim. One of the manager's responsibilities may be to train and develop someone in-house to become the permanent, full-time sales manager.

The Fractional Sales Manager role is highly flexible to serve the long-term objectives of the company.

Fractional Sales Team Assessment

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