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Glen Smith - Employee Conflict - Featured Image

Tips from Management Training to Help You Deal with Employee Conflict

Every business owner and manager has to address the issue of employee conflict from time to time. The conflicts I see and hear about typically...
Featured Image - Executive Leadership Behaviors for a Successful Business

Executive Leadership Behaviors For A Successful Business

I’m a regular speaker at many outstanding Rotary groups in Houston. I love Rotary because the men and women who make up this organization are...
Featured Image -Why You Need A Management System And A Management Leader

Why You Need A Management System And A Management Leader

As the number of employees increases in a business, there is more and more need for a management system and a management leader. In a...
Featured Image - The Definitive Guide to Executive vs. Business Coaching

The Definitive Guide to Executive vs. Business Coaching

Executive coaching and business coaching continue to rise in demand and popularity. It is increasingly common to hear business owners and executives talk about their...

How to Make a Successful Hire

The 3 C's of Successful Hiring Interviewing and hiring is often a very stressful experience for business owners. This is one key reason that every...

Why is it Difficult to Be a Manager?

The first challenge that makes it difficult to be a manager is the Time Challenge. Particularly in small to mid-size businesses the manager is a “working”...

Managers Are The Key To Long-Term Success

What's the Key to Long-term Success? It's the Manager! The most important thing that owners of growing businesses can do is to develop managers! You...

7 Steps for Creating a Succession Plan

Why Your Business Needs a Succession Plan Every business owner and general manager should be developing their succession plan, not just for themselves but for...

Three Keys to Effective Employee Management

Effective Employee Management: Establish Expectations The first key task for the manager is to establish expectations. This should be a collaborative exercise where the employee...

Compensation and Benefits Plans for Small Businesses

As an Executive Coach and Fractional Integrator, small to mid-size businesses are my primary clients, and every one of them are concerned about finding and...

What is a Fractional Integrator?

What is a Fractional Integrator for EOS® Companies? The term “Integrator” is fundamental in the EOS® model. Instead of president, general manager, or COO, we...

What Does a Manager Do?

Master Three Core Competencies The first thing a highly effective manager will do is define and assign work to be done. This begins by gaining clarity...

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