3 New Truths About Selling

3 New Truths About Selling

I thoroughly enjoy working with Sales Professionals and helping them increase sales through our Sales Acceleration Program. This is a powerful process where we customize a plan for your sales team or business. It doesn’t take long for most of our clients to see sales increase as they identify and engage in more fruitful behaviors.

In our Sales Acceleration Program, we work on issues such as:

3 New Truths About Selling, Glenn Smith Executive Coaching

3 Foundational Beliefs About Selling

Foundational to everything we teach is our core philosophy about sales. You need to know that our core philosophy is very different than what you will hear in most sales training experiences. It’s certainly different than the “old school” sales training. Here are 3 foundational beliefs that govern our sales coaching.

  1. We believe that successful selling must be mutually beneficial and mutually satisfying. In other words, the seller and the buyer need to enjoy the experience and receive the desired value in the exchange. There should be no need for “pressure” or manipulation. Our process teaches sales professionals how to achieve this objective.
  2. We believe that the best sales professionals are fully present but emotionally detached. What we mean by this is that the salesperson is totally tuned in to the prospective customer. They are asking good, thoughtful questions and listening very carefully to understand the needs and the goals of the prospect. By practicing our model of selling our clients learn how to have meaningful selling conversations that make the buying experience personal and meaningful to the prospect. However, this is not possible unless the sales professional is emotionally detached. By that I mean the prospect feels no emotional need or “pull” from the sales professional, only genuine presence, concern, and desire to help.
  3. We believe that most selling is “dysfunctional” selling, and that needs to change! Dysfunctional selling is product-centered, not customer-centered. Dysfunctional selling minimizes the importance of the human connection between buyer and seller. Dysfunctional selling creates anxiety while good selling causes people to relax.

So much more can be said but I hope this gives you a new perspective on Sales! As a business coach I enjoy serving sales professionals in Houston and DFW areas. We start new groups multiple times a year for sales professionals, sales teams, and business owners who want to increase their sales through a fresh approach. If you aren’t in these areas or want an online option, we also offer our Sales Acceleration Process as an online course. The good news is our Sales Acceleration Process works!

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Glenn has been coaching for more than 25 years and is committed to the Code of Professional Standards, and Ethics set by the International Coach Federation. He has created the Business Acceleration Process, a unique and proven process to help business owners grow their businesses while balancing their lives.

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